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Compare GMAT Courses

Taking the time to pick the right course for your study habits and needs is essential for reaching your goal score and ensuring that you make the best use of your time and money. The first step is finding …

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GMAT Study Guide

Don’t waste your time on ineffective study habits. I’ve combined my years of experience teaching and studying the GMAT into this useful guide, which will help you create and efficient and effective …

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Course Discounts

Once you have chosen the right course for you, take advantage of our generous course discounts. Why pay full price, when you could get up to $300 off on any of your GMAT courses. Click below to find…

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About us

A good GMAT score not only opens the door to more competitive schools, but can also help you qualify for more scholarships. A top score can save you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees! Imagine getting to experience graduate school without worrying about how you will pay off your student loans.This website was created to help you achieve your goal GMAT score.  The GMAT is a very difficult exam and like most MBA aspirants, you probably do not have time to waste on ineffective study habits.  We will help you create an efficient and effective GMAT prep plan that caters to your specific needs and makes the best use of your valuable time and money.

eliza-portrait-250x250As the founder of  Best GMAT Prep Courses, I have helped hundreds of students reach their target score and get into their dream schools. Whether it is through my in depth course comparison and review or through private tutoring, I have worked with students to address their needs and pinpoint their weaknesses to create and implement the study plan that makes the optimal use of their time and money. In addition to scoring a 770 on my GMAT, I have over four years experience with training and curriculum development.

Course Options

In addition to aggregating hundreds of reviews from various sites, we have personally reviewed each course on this site.  Taking the time to figure out which course or study method suits you best is an essential component of reaching your target GMAT score.  Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to!

The first step to creating your ideal GMAT prep plan is to figure out which type of course best suits you.  You have three different types of courses to choose from:

Live Courses

This is when you go to a center and take the class in person, with other students. You will be able to interact with your instructors and ask questions. This can be done in person at a center or online.

 Live courses are ideal for GMAT students who:

  • Thrive in a classroom setting
  • Need a lot of interaction with instructors and other students
  • Have evenly distributed weaknesses
  • Like having a set schedule for studying and accountability for assignments

Pros of live courses:

  • Classroom environment: You will be learning in an actual classroom setting with other students which is shown to have an impact on increasing student motivation.
  • Instructor interaction:You have time to ask questions and work through problems with your instructors during class.
  • Deadlines and accountability:If you have trouble motivating yourself and need a due date, these types of courses will help make sure you stay on schedule.

Cons of live courses:

  • Redundant questions: the downside of getting to ask your own questions is that you will also have to listen to other students questions which may or may not be helpful to you
  • Pace is set for all students:The pace of the course is set for the average student, so if you learn really quickly or really slowly, you may want to get a course that you can move more at your own pace.

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On Demand Courses:

 Online on demand courses are ideal for GMAT students who:

  • are highly self motivated
  • have an unconventional or difficult schedule to work around
  • have a lopsided score or very evident GMAT strengths and weaknesses

 Pros of online on demand courses:

  • You set your own schedule: You are usually given access for a certain period, but within that period you can choose how fast or slow you go through the lessons or you can spend more or less time on them on certain weeks, depending on your work schedule.
  • You can focus on what you need to learn: Unlike classroom or live online courses, whose schedules cater to groups of people, you can focus on your specific needs; spending more time on the topics you are struggling with and focusing less on those you’ve got down. Some courses even allow, you to purchase them in parts, so you only need to buy the topics you need.
  • They are usually the cheapest: These types of courses tend to be the least expensive, so if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, this might be the way to go.

 Cons of online on demand courses:

  • Less face time with instructors: In most of these courses, you are not able to interact with instructors and ask questions about specific topics you are struggling with.

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