9 Habits of Successful GMAT Students

thumbs up krakenThere are a lot of different components that make up successful GMAT students. It could be hard work or a strong math background or critical reasoning skills.  There are several habits that are prevalent in successful GMAT students, so I thought I would share them with you, so you can work to emulate them.

1) They understand their strengths and weaknesses

Successful GMAT students know what they are good at and more importantly what they are not good at, so that they know what their study plan should focus on.  This means they have taken the time to take an initial practice test and have analyzed their results thoroughly.

2) They have a plan

Not only do they have well though out plan, but also they stick to that plan.  An essential part of being able to do this is creating a realistic plan based on their time constraints.  If you are working 80 hours a week, don’t assume that you will be able to study for 5 hours a day.  Even if there was the physical time in the day, studying while mentally exhausted is not beneficial.

3) They actively learn

This means that they don’t just read a book or sit in class.  They are participating in their learning by taking notes and periodically reviewing the information that they learn.

4) They take breaks

Everyone can sense when they hit a wall with their studying and when it is more beneficial to take a break then power through.  The more time you spend studying straight, the less your return on investment.  Successful GMAT students know how much studying they can handle and when its better to get a good nights sleep rather than reading the same passage over and over again in hopes that it will sink in.

5) They try to make it enjoyable

Successful GMAT students either genuinely enjoy the work that they are doing, or make an effort to make it enjoyable.Easier said than done, but try not to look at it as a task.   Try to convince yourself that it is actually fun.  If you are a math person, think of it as fun math challenges.  If you enjoy reading, you can look at the verbal section like a series of books.

6) They practice

An important part of GMAT studying, outside of the content and the strategy is practicing that content and strategy.  Successful GMAT students not only take the time to practice with lots of questions, but also thoroughly review their answers and mistakes to see how they can improve in the future.

7) They are healthy

Improving your health can also improve your studying, which is a fact that helps many successful GMAT takers.  You can eat brain boosting foods like, oily fish, blueberries, pumpkin seeds and whole grains.  Exercise has also been shown to improve learning ability, so a good diet and exercise can help you improve your score just that little bit more.

8) They keep track of what went wrong and how to improve

Any successful GMAT student takes the time to analyze what they have done wrong.  They don’t just go through practice questions for the sake of going through practice questions.  They take the time to go over the correct answers and answer explanations to see how they can improve in the future.

9) They build their pacing and mental endurance

Another essential step to take, that successful GMAT students do is that they figure out the right pacing, which is the best balance of speed and accuracy.  To start this process, you have to first get good accuracy.  Only once you have that down, should you start trying to speed up.  Finally, they build their mental endurance, which means they don’t just practice with the verbal and quant sections, they take the whole test to get used to concentrating for the full 3.5 hours that they will have to on test day.


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