Eliza Chute

One way to ensure that you are working your way through problems as quickly as you can is to keep numbers in their simplest form (ie primes). This way,  you know when you can quickly eliminate common factors to figure out the answer.  When you see a problem like this: 91x= 143*70 you might be tempted [...]

Continuing from our last post, additional tactics necessary to break the 700 barrier include: 3) Practice with difficult questions Unlike other students, you will be seeing a lot of the 700+ level questions, so you will need to be prepared to tackle them.  In order to do this, you need to practice with them.  Whatever course [...]

A lot of people struggle with quant timing, so don’t get discouraged if this happens to you as well.  As I said before, it is important to build up your pacing by doing lots of practice questions.  You will then need to put the finishing touches on you pacing strategy while taking full-length practice tests. [...]

I think the biggest mistake I have seen my students make with reading comprehension is that they either take too many notes or none at all.  Taking notes on the RC passage is important, because it will help you immensely when trying to go back to find specific details.  However, taking too many notes is [...]

On test day, you will be allowed to bring snacks that you can leave in a locker in the test center. I would definitely recommend doing this. Try to bring something healthy, which is more likely to give you energy. If you usually study with caffeine then bring your usual drink to the exam. If [...]

When going through data sufficiency questions on the GMAT, it is important to be systematic about it. Consistency is the key to accuracy for GMAT data sufficiency.   I have created this data sufficiency decision chart to help you navigate through data sufficiency questions in a systematic way.  You can print it out and use [...]

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