General Studying Tips

On test day, you will be allowed to bring snacks that you can leave in a locker in the test center. I would definitely recommend doing this. Try to bring something healthy, which is more likely to give you energy. If you usually study with caffeine then bring your usual drink to the exam. If [...]

Despite the fact that the GMAT and SAT are taken for admissions to different levels of higher education, the two tests have some striking similarities. First off, the core math knowledge required for both tests is almost identical. The GMAT does ask more complicated and difficult questions about that math, however. Unlike the GMAT, the [...]

An essential part of creating a study plan is being realistic about your time constraints. If you work 80 hours a week, you probably won’t have the time to study five hours a day. Even if you physically have the time, you have to factor in how exhausted you will be and if you will [...]

It is essential for a subject and its verb to agree in number on the GMAT.   Any time they don’t you automatically know that cannot be the correct answer choice. While sometimes it is clear that a subject and its verb disagree in number, other times it is more difficult to spot. This is because [...]

There are 5 common types of incorrect answer choices on the GMAT.  Many of them are used to trick test takers into selecting them.  Knowing what these answer choices are, however, will help you find an avoid them. 1) Opposite One of the most common wrong answer choices for reading comprehension is something that is [...]

There are a lot of rumors about the GMAT going around and most of them aren’t true.  I explain why these common GMAT myths are false. 1) The first 7-10 questions are the most important A lot of people think that because the test is computer adaptive, the first 7-10 questions are the most important [...]

For the most part, when it comes to the GMAT, slow and steady wins the race.  Occasionally, however, students may find themselves in a situation where they just need to improve their score quickly.  This may be because they are need to reach a certain score threshold to be admitted to a certain b school, [...]

Students often reach out to me or post in forums, because they have found that despite a significant amount of studying, they are not making any improvements in their GMAT score.  This is quite common, so if it is happening to you, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The best way [...]

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