General Studying Tips

Around this time is when people tend to get the most nervous. It’s the final few days and you have been working so hard, so the pressure is really on now. It is really important to try to relax, you’ve finished most of your GMAT prep work already, now its time to emotionally prepare yourself for [...]

Every GMAT student is different, and therefore everyone will have different study habits and needs. Regardless of whether you take a course or self-study over a period of one month or 10, there are several key elements like a needs assessment, a regular study break, and more than one preparatory GMAT practice test that should be [...]

GMAT Prep Tips There are a lot of really important GMAT prep tips that I wanted to share with you.  I’m trying a new format for your viewing pleasure!  I hope you enjoy it!    

Hey GMAT students! I have gone through all my past notes and cheat sheets to compile this sentence correction cheat sheet!  While this doesn’t include every single grammar rule and certainly not every idiom (there are way too many).  I feel like I’ve covered the ones that are most important and most often seen on [...]

  If you’ve already started studying for the GMAT, then you know about the different question types for the quant and verbal sections.  These questions are not evenly distributed throughout the exam, so I went through all my GMAC practice tests, which are the most indicative of the actual GMAT, to see how the questions [...]

The GMAT vs. The LSAT

There are some big differences between the GMAT and the LSAT.  The biggest, of course, being that the GMAT is used primality to determine admissions to business schools and the LSAT is used for law schools.  If you are applying to a JD/MBA program, there are some schools that allow you to take only one [...]

Many of you may know this feeling.  You hit your last confirm on the verbal section and anxiously await your score to come up and your heart falls into your stomach as you see that it is nowhere near what you wanted.  What do you do? First of all, you should have come into the [...]

There are a lot of different components that make up successful GMAT students. It could be hard work or a strong math background or critical reasoning skills.  There are several habits that are prevalent in successful GMAT students, so I thought I would share them with you, so you can work to emulate them. 1) [...]

After tutoring the GMAT for quite some time, I have helped many students overcome their weaknesses.  Some of those weaknesses are actually their study habits, so I have written this post to help ensure that others don’t waste precious time making the same mistakes. Mistake #1: Not taking notes There is a ton of GMAT content [...]