GMAT Verbal

I think the biggest mistake I have seen my students make with reading comprehension is that they either take too many notes or none at all.  Taking notes on the RC passage is important, because it will help you immensely when trying to go back to find specific details.  However, taking too many notes is [...]

The best and fastest way to approach sentence correction passages is to look at it like a series of choices.  Once you have read the full sentence, group the answer choices based on similar aspects.  I usually start by looking at the beginning of the sentence, then the end, then if I still have answer [...]

Pronouns are nouns that refer to other nouns, for example: They are used on the GMAT quite often and it is essential to understand how to use them during your GMAT prep for sentence correction questions.  Here are three key rules the MUST follow. 1) Antecedent must exist There are some important rules to remember [...]

If you are a native English speaker, there are many times you can rely on your ear to tell you the correct answer on GMAT sentence correction. However, sometimes your ear can lead you astray, because there are things we say in colloquial English that are actually incorrect on the GMAT. Take a look at [...]

The most important flaws to pay attention to on the GMAT are those that relate to the connection between the premises and the conclusions. Spotting those flaws will help you with critical reasoning assumption questions, strengthen, weaken and, of course, flaw questions. It will also help you with the analytical writing assessment, as you will [...]

Both GMAT rules and GMAT preferences will help you find the correct answer on sentence correction questions.  However, they are very different and need to be used differently.  An example of a GMAT rule would be: An antecedent and its pronoun must agree in number This means that: “The professor had to finish grading their papers” would [...]

One of the most important things to identify when reading the critical reasoning prompt is the assumption, or at least the missing link between the premises and the conclusion. Even though assumption questions make up a fraction of the critical reasoning questions, knowing the assumption will help you with other questions such as strengthen, weaken, [...]

You will receive a series of sentence correction questions that have one sentence with a portion underlined.  The answers listed are to replace the underlined portion.  If the sentence is correct as is, then the correct answer is A.  A is ALWAYS  the underlined section unchanged.  If there is something wrong with the original sentence [...]