Pronouns are nouns that refer to other nouns, for example: They are used on the GMAT quite often and it is essential to understand how to use them during your GMAT prep for sentence correction questions.  Here are three key rules the MUST follow. 1) Antecedent must exist There are some important rules to remember [...]

Despite the fact that the GMAT and SAT are taken for admissions to different levels of higher education, the two tests have some striking similarities. First off, the core math knowledge required for both tests is almost identical. The GMAT does ask more complicated and difficult questions about that math, however. Unlike the GMAT, the [...]

An essential part of creating a study plan is being realistic about your time constraints. If you work 80 hours a week, you probably won’t have the time to study five hours a day. Even if you physically have the time, you have to factor in how exhausted you will be and if you will [...]

GMAT Work and Rate Problems

Work and rate problems are very similar to speed and distance problems, because you have a rate multiplied by a unit of time, resulting in an overall accomplishment, (distance or work). Like speed and distance problems, work and rate problems won’t come in a simple form. You will need to manipulate the work equation to [...]

It is essential for a subject and its verb to agree in number on the GMAT.   Any time they don’t you automatically know that cannot be the correct answer choice. While sometimes it is clear that a subject and its verb disagree in number, other times it is more difficult to spot. This is because [...]

If you are a native English speaker, there are many times you can rely on your ear to tell you the correct answer on GMAT sentence correction. However, sometimes your ear can lead you astray, because there are things we say in colloquial English that are actually incorrect on the GMAT. Take a look at [...]

There are 5 common types of incorrect answer choices on the GMAT.  Many of them are used to trick test takers into selecting them.  Knowing what these answer choices are, however, will help you find an avoid them. 1) Opposite One of the most common wrong answer choices for reading comprehension is something that is [...]

The most important flaws to pay attention to on the GMAT are those that relate to the connection between the premises and the conclusions. Spotting those flaws will help you with critical reasoning assumption questions, strengthen, weaken and, of course, flaw questions. It will also help you with the analytical writing assessment, as you will [...]

GMAC recently announced they will be making some changes to the test that will take effect July 19th, 2015.  Don’t worry if you’ve already started studying and are taking the test after that date, the test itself will not change.  However, there are two new features that will change how test takers report their scores [...]

The most important equation to remember for distance problems is:             (Speed)*(Time)= Distance Usually, however, questions will not be presented to you so simply and you will have to manipulate this equation to find your answer. Take, for instance, this example: Train 1 leaves Kaohsiung at 12pm and heads directly to Taipei.   It travels at [...]

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