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Taking the time to pick the right course for your study habits and needs is essential for reaching your goal score and ensuring that you make the best use of your time and money.  The first step is finding the right kind of course for you.  You can purchase either an on demand course or a live course, which includes both live online and in person courses.   How do you know which type of course is right for you?

Live Courses:

These are live courses that you take at a set time with other students. During this time you can interact with the instructors and ask questions.  This can be done either in person or online. These are the top courses:

CourseVeritas Prep Full Course Manhattan GMAT Complete Course OnlineKaplan Advantage PLUS - AnywhereKaplan Advantage - Anywhere
BGPC Rank1234
Price$1,450 $1,350 with BGPC discount$1,699 (in person)
$1,399 (online)
$75 off with BGPC discount
$1,849 (in person)
$1,649 (online)
$1,499 (in person)
$1,249 (online)
Classroom Hours362727 + 3 hours of one on one coaching27.5
Money Back Guaranteeyou can retake any Veritas Prep course of equal or lesser value within a year, exact terms on their site.None, for more info on why go here.Higher score or money back, exact terms on their site.Higher score or money back, exact terms on their site.
Instructors99th Percentile and have completed Veritas Prep 101™ training program99th Percentile with 2 years teaching experience "top scorers"
have gone through Kaplan training program
"top scorers"
have gone through Kaplan training program
Additional Books12 GMAT lesson books10 strategy guides
5 additional guides
GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference,GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference,
Total Practice Questions Provided3,0004,2005,0005,000
Computer Adaptive Tests Provided12 full length CATs6 full length CATs9 full length CATs9 full length CATs
Additional AWA Essay Helpcan submit 2 essays for gradingGMAT Writenonenone
Recorded Classes for ReviewYesYesYes+ Data Sufficiency On Demand and Math Refresher On DemandYes

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On Demand Courses:

These are pre-recorded lessons that you can download and watch anytime. Many come with additional resources, practice questions and CATs.  I have aggregated reviews and personally tried out each course.  Here are my top five:

CourseVeritas Prep GMAT On DemandEconomist GMAT Tutor Complete/Premium/UltimateManhattan GMAT InteractMagoosh GMAT PremiumGMAT Pill: 6-Pill Membership
BGPC Rank12345
Price$699 $599 with BGPC discount code$750/$950/$1,199 10%off with BGPC discount$899 $824 with BGPC discount code$399 $99 with disount$730 $397 with discount
Money back guaranteeyou can retake any Veritas prep course of equal or lesser value within a year, exact terms on their site.50/70/70 point improvement or refund, exact terms on their site.None, for more info on why go here.50 point improvement or full refund, exact terms here.50 point improvement or full refund, exact terms on their site.
Insruction24 hours of video instructionwritten, adaptive and interactive instruction35+ interactive video lessonsover 250 video lessons60+ hours of lessons
Total full length CATs
essay helpvideo lessonessay marking 5/6/7 times
GMAT Writevideo lessonsnone
Additional books12 GMAT Lesson Bookletsnone10 strategy guidesnonenone
practice questions 3,0005,0004,2008001,000+
Live supportlive instructor help 7 days a week50+ "ask a tutor" e mails
live tutoring sessions
one on one game plan session with MGMAT instructoremail assistance27/7 e mail support
Access period1 year3/6/12 months6 Months1 yearLife
Free trial7 day free trial7 day free trial7 day free trial
7 day free trialno
Able to buy in partsNo3 different packages, Complete Prep, Premium Prep and Ultimate PrepCan buy just Quant or just VerbalCan buy just Quant + IR or just Verbal + AWACan buy: SC, RC, CR, PS, DS or IR individually, or just Quant or Verbal

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Best GMAT Prep Courses’ Top Rated GMAT Companies

Veritas Prep 

Vprep_logo kraken

Veritas Prep offers a wide array of GMAT study options including classroom courses, live online courses, online on demand courses and tutoring.  The company was founded in 2002 by two Yale SOM grads, who began working on it during their studies at Yale.  It also offers MBA consulting packages that can be purchased in combination with courses or tutoring for a better price.  Their live online and classroom courses vary widely as far as schedule, accommodating a variety of different timing needs.  Furthermore, they offer more classroom hours than any other live online or classroom course.  Read our full review here.

Manhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT offers a variety of different learning platforms.  Their complete course in over 50 cities and online.  In addition to that course, they also offer a GMAT Boot Camp, which 3.5-4 hours of instruction almost every day for a two week period, totaling in 35 hours of classroom instruction.  It is a unique platform for learning that allows you to go quickly through GMAT material. MGMAT also recently debuted a new online on demand course, GMAT Interact, which is kind of like the choose your own adventure of GMAT courses.  It has 35 video lessons with branching points for you to chose which content to see.  Read our full review here.

The Economist GMAT Tutor

The Economist GMAT tutor is an online on demand learning platform with a pretty big human element.  Unlike other on demand courses, you get at least 4 one on one live tutoring sessions and 50 ask a tutor e mails.  The learning platform is is interactive and adapts your lesson plans based on your responses to certain questions.  The lessons are all written, so its like working with a textbook that adapts to your needs.  Read our full review here. 

Magoosh GMAT

Magoosh offers an online on demand course that can be purchased in full or in a quant+IR or verbal+AWA, which upon purchase you will have access to for a full year.  Magoosh guarantees that after taking their course you will improve 50 points or your money back.  You will be provided with over 250 video lessons and 800 practice questions when you sign up for a Magoosh course.  At just $99 dollars Magoosh is by far the most inexpensive option, however you will likely have to find full length CATs elsewhere, since they only provide you with two.  Read our full review here.

Kaplan GMAT

Kaplan has a wide array of GMAT prep options: 2 options for an in person course, 2 options for live online courses and two options for on demand courses.  The two options for each course includes Kaplan Advantage and Kaplan Advantage Plus.  For in person and live online courses Kaplan Advantage Plus includes everything that Kaplan Advantage has in addition to 3 hours with a GMAT expert, Math Refresher On Demand and Data Sufficiency On Demand.  The Online On Demand Kaplan Advantage Plus tacks on 2 hours with a GMAT expert and Data Sufficiency On Demand in addition to everything that is included in the Advantage course.  Read our full review here.

The GMAT Pill

The GMAT Pill offers an online on demand course that can either be purchased in full or in individual sections: including Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving and Integrated Reasoning.  You can also purchase verbal and quantitative packages.   Unlike the other courses, you get lifetime access to the program which allows you to start your studying as early as you want to.  Read our full review here. 

Other GMAT Prep Companies

Dominate the GMAT

Dominate the GMAT is an online on demand course that was founded by Brett Ethridge after several years of tutoring at a major GMAT prep company.  You can purchase the full course for $397 or just quantitative ($247) or verbal ($175).  What is really unique about this program is that it allows you to purchase individual topics “a la carte” for $25 a piece.  See more here.

Knewton GMAT

Knewton GMAT has discontinued their GMAT Prep Course to focus on their adaptive learning infrastructure.  They ran their GMAT courses from 2008-2014 and helped many students reach their goal scores, which is why they are still listed on many GMAT course websites.  However, there are currently no GMAT courses available from Knewton.