How does the GMAT compare to the SAT?

Despite the fact that the GMAT and SAT are taken for admissions to different levels of higher education, the two tests have some striking similarities.

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First off, the core math knowledge required for both tests is almost identical. The GMAT does ask more complicated and difficult questions about that math, however. Unlike the GMAT, the SAT does have some math questions that aren’t multiple choice. For these questions, the student will have to input the answer. This eliminates some strategies like estimation or testing answer choices.

Another aspect the GMAT and the SAT have in common is that they both have reading comprehension questions.   Of course, the questions for the GMAT are for higher reading and comprehension levels. Unlike the GMAT, the SAT tests vocabulary knowledge. The SAT also test grammar on a larger scale by asking students to improve not just sentences, but also paragraphs.

Both tests also require test takers to write essays. The essays on the GMAT are graded more strictly. Since the SAT is paper based, the essay is written by hand, but on the GMAT students can use a computer.

So, in summary a student’s SAT score can be a good predictor of their GMAT score. However, this doesn’t mean that if someone gets a good SAT score, that they don’t have to study for the GMAT. Likewise, it doesn’t imply that a bad SAT score means it is impossible to do well on the GMAT.   Studying and hard work has immense benefits.

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