How lucky are the new guys?: The new GMAT score preview

If you took the GMAT before June 27, 2014, then you know that feeling of anxiously trying to figure out what your score might be, while the clock counts down, ticking away your decision time.  Trying to gauge  how well you did on the GMAT is almost impossible, since the test is computer adaptive.  If you are having trouble with a group of questions, it may be because you are doing really well and the test is giving you a lot of difficult questions or it may mean that you are just doing really poorly.

If you haven’t taken the GMAT yet, you don’t have to worry about any of this because now you can look at your unofficial scores before you have to decide whether or not to cancel.  Once you have finished the test, you will be able to see your unofficial score, which includes everything but the AWA section and will have two minutes to decide whether or not you want to cancel.  Even if you decide to cancel, you can reinstate them for a $100 dollar fee within 60 days.

So if you are new to the GMAT, you have been given a gift, don’t waste it!  Make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity by doing your research and deciding before the test what score you will accept.  That way you will know immediately when looking at it if you want to keep it or not.


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