How to strategize GMAT Quant timing

A lot of people struggle with quant timing, so don’t get discouraged if this happens to you as well.  As I said before, it is important to build up your pacing by doing lots of practice questions.  You will then need to put the finishing touches on you pacing strategy while taking full-length practice tests.

Experiment with skipping questions.  Pick the question types you take the most time on and still get wrong, and guess on them and move on.  This will give you more time to answer questions you are more likely to get correct. 

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You can use some strategies to help improve your odds when guessing, if you have to guess.  These strategies will help you improve accuracy, even if you are skipping a question.  For example, take advantage of the fact that the test tries to trick you.  If the question asks for the value of x+7, then look for answer choices that could be x and x+7 (like 5 and 12).  Then, pick one of the x+7 options.  If you can quickly figure out a range of options for the answer,  for example its positive or it’s a fraction that can also help improve your odds when guessing.

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