Magoosh GMAT Review


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Magoosh offers an online on demand course that can be purchased in full or in a quant+IR or verbal+AWA, which upon purchase you will have access to for a full year.  Magoosh guarantees that after taking their course you will improve 50 points or your money back.  You will be provided with over 250 video lessons and 800 practice questions.

Pros and Cons of Magoosh GMAT


  • Price: at just $99 with a discount, Magoosh is by far the cheapest course.
  • Lots of video material: you have quite a bit of video material to go through. It is a bit low budget with just voiceovers that show various slides, but the material you need is all there.
  • Adaptive practice sections: You can change and adapt your practice questions and quizzes based on topic, type and difficulty.


  • Cannot download videos for offline viewing: This limits you to only taking courses and watching lectures when you have good internet access.
  • Not interactive: While you can pick your own lessons, you don’t get to input information and have the course adapt to your needs like other courses.
  • Only one full length practice test: Because you need to take at least five full length practice tests to build your mental endurance, you will have to look for outside sources for more.
  • Structure and visual format: Magoosh has quite a few very talented instructors, but the downside of that is that different portions of the course are taught by several different people. Therefore, there is not a very cohesive structure or visual format.

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