Manhattan GMAT Review

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Manhattan GMAT’s course offerings include:

  • Complete Course (online and in person)
  • GMAT Boot Camp
  • GMAT Interact (online on demand)
  • Tutoring

Manhattan GMAT offers their complete course in over 50 cities and online.  In addition to that course, they also offer a GMAT Boot Camp.  The boot camp includes 3.5-4 hours of instruction almost every day for a two week period, totaling in 35 hours of classroom instruction.  It is a unique platform for learning that allows you to go quickly through GMAT material.

MGMAT recently debuted a new online on demand course, GMAT Interact, which is kind of like the choose your own adventure of GMAT courses.  It has 35 video lessons with branching points for you to chose which content to see.

Finally, they offer private tutoring either  in person or online for a minimum of 2 hours for $225 per hour, with descending prices the more hours you purchase.  Packages over ten hours include 6 CATs, MGMAT Strategy Guides, OG Guides and the simulation test booklet.

Manhattan GMAT Options

 Boot CampComplete CourseOn Demand Course (GMAT Interact)Tutoring
Price$2,950 (Classroom)
$2,650 (Online)
$1,599 (Classroom)
$1,299 (Live online)
$899$195-$225 per hour
Classroom hours352735+ lessonsany number
Additional booksMGMAT Strategy Guides
Every OG Guide
10 strategy guides
5 additional guides
10 MGMAT Strategy Guides10 MGMAT Strategy Guides (for 10+ hours)
Full Length CATs6666 (10+ hours)
Classroom recordings for later viewingyesyesyesno

Manhattan GMAT Interact


  • Lively lessons: MGMAT makes a significant effort to make sure their lessons are engaging and fun, including using puppets.
  • Can purchase in parts: This is the highest ranked on demand course that you can purchase in parts. For example, if you only need help with one section (quant or verbal) you can purchase just that section.
  • Adaptive and Interactive lessons: The lessons are also adaptive. It’s like the chose your own adventure of on demand courses, where you get to review what problems and topics you want to.


  • Extremely Challenging: The MGMAT quant problems are notoriously difficult, with many of them more difficult than the questions you will see on the actual test. As a result this course may be not suited to those starting from scratch or with target scores below 700s.
  • Brand new: MGMAT just came out with this product in June, so unlike other courses that have been out longer, they haven’t had as much time to work out the kinks and adapt to student feedback.

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