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Isaac Economist Q&A
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Issac is the Academic Director at Economist GMAT tutor, as well as one of their Verbal content architects and experts.  He has been helping students with the GMAT for over ten years.  I asked him some questions about the Economist GMAT Tutor and how students can use it to improve their scores.

 What makes The Economist GMAT Tutor different from the other GMAT on demand courses?

Our program is more efficient and effective than any other program, saving our students both time and energy throughout their studies. Part of the innovation we have created is in the adaptiveness of the program, reacting to the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses, avoiding knowledge gaps, and tailoring lessons to integrate accordingly. Even in a short time on our program students will learn quite a bit more than they would with books or classroom courses. Time is not wasted reviewing materials and topics that do not make sense to practice at a particular time or level.

What do you think is the best feature of The Economist GMAT tutor?

In conjunction with the course materials, we provide responsive, interactive tutoring support from our team of learning specialists and GMAT experts. Studying for the GMAT is not always easy and no two students are exactly the same. Our program incorporates different levels of tutoring support, whether a student has a targeted question on a specific topic or need broader advice and guidance. We are devoted to equipping our students with individualized support to help them achieve their desired GMAT scores.

 How can students utilize the course in the best way possible?

Since our course is completely adaptive, one of the most important ways a student can utilize our lessons is to follow the system and maintain a balanced approach between Verbal and Quantitative. How a student studies matters a well, as it is important to work at a steady yet manageable pace. We provide detailed explanations and summaries for our lessons, and we encourage our students to take thorough notes to review. As we mentioned previously, our tutors are ready to answer questions through our Ask-a-tutor tool as well as via live, one-on-one sessions. Taking advantage of these features, along with our simulation tests and essay markings, is integral to the student’s success. We suggest that our students take sim tests throughout in order to gauge progress as well as to become more comfortable with the format of the actual GMAT, as they are modeled on of the official exam.

How was The Economist GMAT Tutor created?

It was created several years ago by using cutting edge adaptive technology.

How has it changed or adapted since it was first created?

We compile our students’ feedback, and every few weeks, review it to determine which improvements to make to our course. Of course, we are in tune with industry trends and take those into account when developing new features.

What advice would you give to students who are trying to decide which prep course to chose?

Any course worth their salt will offer some sort of free trial. Sign up for a few prep course trials and see which best fits your personality and way of learning. Take advantage of all they have to offer. Economist GMAT Tutor offers a free 1:1 strategy session, a practice test, and about 20 hours of learning in its trial. A prep course can be a big investment, so be smart about how you choose one!

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