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If you’ve already started studying for the GMAT, then you know about the different question types for the quant and verbal sections.  These questions are not evenly distributed throughout the exam, so I went through all my GMAC practice tests, which are the most indicative of the actual GMAT, to see how the questions are distributed.  This is what I found:


 Exam 1Exam 2Exam 3Exam 4Average
Problem Solving1920212120.25
Data Sufficiency1817161616.75
Sentence Correction1717171717
Reading Comprehension1313131313
Critical Reasoning1111111111

So it seems like the verbal section is pretty consistent with 17 sentence correction, 13 reading comp and 11 critical reasoning.  So, while sentence correction is the least fun section (in my opinion), it seems to be slightly more important.  On the other hand, the quantitative section seems more fluid, though there are consistently more problem solving questions than data sufficiency.

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