The Economist GMAT Tutor Review

The Economist GMAT tutor is an online on demand learning platform with a pretty big human element.  Unlike other on demand courses, you get at least 4 one on one live tutoring sessions and 50 ask a tutor e mails.  The learning platform is is interactive and adapts your lesson plans based on your responses to certain questions.  The lessons are all written, so its like working with a textbook that adapts to your needs.  They offer 3 different packages:

PackageComplete PrepPremium PrepUltimate Prep
Access period3 months3 months12 months
Number of Ask a Tutor e mails50UnlimitedUnlimited
Live tutoring sessions468
Essay marking456
Practice Exams356


  • The most instructor interaction: With at least 5 one on one tutoring sessions and 50+ ask a tutor questions, you cant beat the human element of this on demand course.
  • Interactive online lessons: you will interact with the economist GMAT learning platform by not only answering questions practice questions, but also why you answered in a certain way to pinpoint your mistakes and help you eliminate them
  • Adapts to your needs: Based on your responses, this learning platform adapts to your needs ensuring that you don’t waste time on material you are already comfortable with and making sure you address your weaknesses
  • Pinpoints your weaknesses: When you make a certain mistake or fall into a certain traps a few times, Economist GMAT tutor will not only alert you to this, but continue to give you similar problems until you stop making those mistakes.


  • No auditory material: The material is all written, so not best for someone who is an auditory learner.

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