The Study Lifestyle: the little changes you can make to improve the effectiveness of your study

There are a lot of little things you can do when studying to help improve the effectiveness of your study.    You shouldn’t just be turning everything off after you finish your GMAT workbook, you should be constantly thinking about ways you can improve for the test.  Not that the GMAT needs to take over your life, but making simple changes can help your studying be more effective and will help improve your general health as well.  Who wouldn’t want that?  And there’s nothing like a big important standardized test to get you motivated!

Studies show that integrating exercise into your daily routine can help you learn and remember better.   Not only does regular exercise make you feel more energetic and help you study more effectively, studying while exercising can also help you remember things.  According to a study published in Plos One, doing light exercise while studying can help you remember things better.  So, if you are trying to memorize grammar rules or equations, it might be beneficial to do this on the treadmill at a walking pace.

There are certain foods that are linked to higher brain performance.  Integrating more of these foods into your diet can help you learn better.   For example, switch out your meat for oily fish like salmon or mackerel.   Replace your old cereals and bread with wholegrains.  Start to snack on pumpkin seeds , blueberries or nuts that are high in vitamin E.

Its pretty obvious that getting enough sleep at night is essential for your brain function, but did you know that afternoon naps can help you learn?  According to a study done by UC Berkeley just an hour nap can drastically boost your brain power.  So next time you’re feeling exhausted trying to work your way through a problem set, stop.  Take a nap and come back to it.

An important way to boost your reading comp skills is to integrate more complicated reading material into your every day life.   Stop reading those listicles and pick up a copy of a scientific journal or The Economist.  Being practiced in reading this type of material will make the reading comprehension passages a cakewalk.

Finally, try to brush up on your mental math skills with brain games.  Becoming quicker with mental math can help you improve your timing on the quant section immensely.  I used Lumosity, which is a brain training platform that has a variety of different games to help improve memory and problem solving.  Several of the games are math focused and will help you recall arithmetic more quickly, and they’re pretty fun too!




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