To book the GMAT before you start studying or not to book before, that is the question

There are differing opinions on when students should actually book their exams. Some people say you should do it before you start studying, others say you should wait until the very last minute. There are good points to both sides, which is why I say that when you book your test should depend on you and your study habits.

If you are having trouble staying motivated and doing your assigned work, then booking your GMAT date can serve as an added motivator. However, if you have no trouble doing your assigned work, then you might want to take advantage of the flexible booking dates and wait until you are achieving your goal score before you actually commit to a date. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you will be limited by how busy your test center is. With some, you can book the day before. With others, you will need to book a few weeks in advance, so check this out before deciding on a plan.

In order to decide if booking before is right for you, you should think about the following questions.  Be honest with yourself, the only one you will hurt by pretending you are self-motivated if you are not is you.

  1. Are you self-disciplined?
  2. Do you get through assigned work on time?
  3. Do you have at least 6 months before your MBA application is due?
  4. Do you have a predictable schedule?
  5. Do you have 100 points or more to improve in order to reach your goal score?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, then you can probably wait until you have been working on GMAT prep for a while before you book your GMAT.  If not, then you might want to get on to booking.  You should take a practice test first, however, because this will give you a better idea of how far you need to go to reach your goal score.

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