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Tutoring is a great way to prep for the GMAT.  As every person is different, having your studying tailored to your exact needs can be extremely beneficial.

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With over 3 years of teaching experience and two years of GMAT and LSAT studying and tutoring, I can help you reach your goal score with personalized tutoring sessions.  My tutoring philosophy is that every student is different and and I work really hard to identify the specific needs of each student I work with and help them overcome their weaknesses.  Each lesson I create is tailored specifically to each student.

My Work and Teaching Experience

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, I moved to rural Cambodia where I conducted a research project on the effect of support groups on women’s health and sanitation habits.  Following that, I spent two years in Chiang Mai, Thailand, running a training program on human rights and the environment for activists from Myanmar.  Following my time in Thailand, I moved back to Cambodia where I worked with a start up micro investment firm, training budding social entrepreneurs on how to turn their business idea into a reality. Through this work, I have gained excellent teaching and communication skills that have enabled me to train people at a variety of different levels!

My Experience with Standardized Tests

I’ve spent the two years studying for the GMAT and LSAT and then using my skills to help students achieve their goal score.   I took the LSAT first, scoring a 174, which helped me immensely with the reading comprehension and critical reasoning portions of the GMAT, which I ended up scoring a 770 with an 8 in IR and a 5.5 in AWA.  Through running this website I live, eat and breathe the GMAT, so no matter what your strengths or weaknesses are, I can help you achieve your goals!


Tyson, 710

“I went from a 580 to a 710 in 1 month with Eliza! She is absolutely spectacular and goes above and beyond by reviewing your previous practice tests to diagnose problem areas. She then made a month-long study chart which really helped me stay organized, but she was flexible as well and willing and able to adapt to my needs. She was a master at all subjects, especially the CR section, and her tips and tricks provided me with the tools necessary to make a jump into the 700’s.”

  • CAT Analsis
  • Study Plan
  • GMAT Study Guide
  • Price: $1000
  • Price/Hour: $200
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  • CAT Analsis
  • Study Plan
  • GMAT Study Guide
  • 10 x Email Support
  • Price: $2280
  • Price/Hour: $190
  • CAT Analsis
  • Study Plan
  • GMAT Study Guide
  • Regular Email Check-Ins
  • Price: $3240
  • Price/Hour: $180

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BGPC Rank123
Price$186-$245 per hour$195-$225 per hour$143-$187 per hour
Number of hours sold14/22/30/38any number15/25/35
In person or online
Additional books12 lesson booksManhattan Strategy Guides(For 10+ hours)GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition
GMAT Pocket Reference
Total CATs12 CATs6 CATs (10+ hours)9 CATs
Total practice questions30001400 (10+ hours)5000
Classroom recordingsyesnoyes