Two important new developments on the GMAT

GMAC recently announced they will be making some changes to the test that will take effect July 19th, 2015.  Don’t worry if you’ve already started studying and are taking the test after that date, the test itself will not change.  However, there are two new features that will change how test takers report their scores and how long they have to wait before taking the GMAT again.

1) Canceled scores will no longer show up on score reports

Previously, if you took the GMAT and canceled your score, the schools you applied to would be able to see it.  They couldn’t see your score, but they would see a “C” to denote a canceled score.  As of July 19th, there will be no “C” denoting canceled scores.  This will also apply to all score reports sent after July 19th, even of there are canceled scores from tests prior to that date.

This means that you can take the GMAT as many times as you want, without the schools knowing.  You no longer need to worry that how many Cs you will have on your score report and what that might look like to admissions committees.

2) The wait period between tests has been shortened to 16 days

Before, if you took the GMAT, were unsatisfied with your score and wanted to take it again, you had to wait 31 days before taking it again.  In ten days time, you will only have to wait 16 days between GMATs.  This increases flexibility for students who are on tighter schedules.  It is also great for students who studied enough before their GMAT, but let their nerves get the best of them on test day.

In summary…

The result of both of these changes, should be less worry for students.  Not only can you cancel your score without schools even knowing, but you now only have to wait 16 days to take the test again.  So, the students who are taking the test after the 19th can walk into your GMAT calm and collected, knowing that there is very little harm in taking it again.  For those of you who are going to take the test before or have already taken it can be appropriately jealous.

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