Two key steps to scoring 700+ on the GMAT

A lot of people want to know how to break the 700 barrier on the GMAT.  Aside from the obvious ways, like hard work and practice there are two essential things you should be doing if you want to score in the 89th percentile or above on the GMAT.

Build mental endurance

As I’ve discussed in many of my previous posts, the GMAT is a long grueling exam.  Most people aren’t used to fully concentrating for a full 3.5 hours with very little breaks, so it is an ability you will need to build.  In order to do this, in the final few weeks before your test, you should take at least 10 full length practice CATs under as close to official conditions as possible.  By this I mean you need to:

  • Do the IR and AWA sections to the best of your ability
  • Take only the allotted 8 minute breaks
  • Do not pause the exam at any point

This will help prepare you for test day that you show up confident and ready for the long day ahead of you.

Practice with the most difficult questions

Another essential step that is often looked is practicing with the most difficult kinds of GMAT questions.  If you want to progress past a 700, you will need to master 700+ level questions, since they will start coming up a lot in your CATs.  Doing this solely in your CATs is usually not enough, so I recommend getting your hands on some advanced books such as Manhattan Advanced GMAT Quant and Kaplan 800.  Once you have mastered the basics, these books will give you strategies and practice questions that will help push you past that 700 mark.

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