What to do in the final few days of GMAT prep

Around this time is when people tend to get the most nervous. It’s the final few days and you have been working so hard, so the pressure is really on now. It is really important to try to relax, you’ve finished most of your GMAT prep work already, now its time to emotionally prepare yourself for the exam.

If you have never been to the test center before, I would recommend swinging by there in the final few days before your test. That way, you are not nervous on test day trying to figure out how to get there or where you can get parking. If you haven’t already, I would also recommend familiarizing yourself with the GMAT whiteboard by checking it out at the center.

Two days before the GMAT, you should be doing some light studying. Review your cheat sheets and sentence correction idioms to make sure you’ve got it all in your mind, but don’t exhaust yourself. You want to show up to the test relaxed and refreshed.



The day before your GMAT, don’t do any studying at all! You are not going to learn anything new that will improve your score that much. You are more likely to exhaust yourself, which will likely hurt your score more than any improvement could be made in the final day of GMAT prep. Try to do something you enjoy or find relaxing and make sure that you exercise, so it is easier to fall asleep.

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